12th Class Biology Biotechnology : Principles And Processes

  • question_answer 26)
      Which of the following is not a source of restriction endonuclease? (a) Haemophilus influenza                                           (b) Escherichia coli (c) Agrobacterium tumefaciens                                 (d) Bacillus amyloli


                      (c) Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a pathogen of several dicot plants. It delivers a piece of DNA known as T-DNA' in the Ti plasmid which transforms normal plant cells into tumour cells to produce chemicals against pathogens. The restriction enzyme Eco Rl, is isolated from Escherichia coli RY13. The first restriction enzymes Hind II was isolated from bacterium Haemophilus influenzas. The restriction enzyme Bam HI is isolated from Bacillus amyloli.

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