12th Class Biology Biotechnology : Principles And Processes

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    Can you list 10 recombinant proteins, which are used in medical practice? Find where they are used as therapeutics (Use the internet). 


    Recombinant proteins Therapeutic uses
    1. Insulin For the treatment of diabetes mellitus.
    2. Factor VIII For treating hemophilia A.
    3. Factor IX For treatment of hemophilia B.
    4. Interferon’s For treatment of viral diseases, cancer and AIDS.
    5. OKT-3 For acute reversal of kidney transplantation rejection.
    6. DNAse-I For treatment of cystic fibrosis.
    7. Bovine growth hormone For increasing milk yield.
    8.Hepatities-B surface antigen Vaccine against hepatitis-B.
    9. Interleukins For treatment of various types of cancers.
    10. Anti thrombin-III To check the clot formation in heart patients. 

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