11th Class Economics Employment and Infrastructure

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    Describe the meaning of public health. Discuss the major public health measures undertaken by the state in recent years to control diseases.


    The science and practice of protecting and improving the health of a community, as by preventive medicine, health education, control of communicable diseases, application of sanitary measures and monitoring of environmental hazards is called public health. In the recent years, government has built up a vast health infrastructure equipped with trained manpower at different levels. At the village level, Primary Health Centers (PHCs) have been set up by the government. India also has a large number or hospitals run by voluntary agencies and the private, sector. These hospitals are manned by professionals and para-medical professionals [rained in medical, pharmacy and nursing colleges. There has been a significant expansion in the physical provision of health services since independence. During 1951-2000, the number of hospitals and dispensaries increased from 9300 to 43300 arid hospital beds from 1.2 to 7.2 million. During 1951-2010 nursing personnel increased from 0.18 to 14.31 lakh and allopathic doctors from 0.62 to 6 lakh. Expansion of health infrastructure has resulted in the eradication of smallpox, guinea worms and the near eradication of polio and leprosy.

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