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    How has the consumption pattern of energy changed over the years?


    Commercial energy consumption makes up about 74% of the total energy consumed in India. This induces coal with the largest share of 54%, followed by oil at 33%, natural gas al 9% and hydro energy at 3%. Non-commercial energy sources consisting of firewood, cow dung and agricultural wastes account for over 26% of the total energy consumption. The sectoral pattern of consumption of commercial energy over the years during 1953-54 to 2009-10 is given in the table below Trends in Sectoral Share of Commercial Energy Consumption (in %)  
    Sector 1953-54 1970-71 1990-91 2009-10
    Household 10 12 12 22
    Agriculture 01 03 08 18
    Industries 40 50 45 45
    Transport 44 28 22 2
    Others 5 07 13 13
    Total 100 100 100 100
    Source Ninth Five Year Plan Vol II Chapter 6, Planning Commission, Government of India, New Delhi. It can be seen from the table that transport sector was the largest consumer of commercial energy in 1953-54 However, there has been continuous fall in the share of the transport sector while the share of agriculture which was the lowest In 1953-54 at just 1% has risen continuously to become 18% in 2009-10 with progress in irrigation facilities and mechanisation of agriculture. The share of household sector in energy consumption has more than doubled since 1953-54 to 2009-10. Share of industrial sector however, has not changed much since 1953-54. After rising from 40% in 1953-54 to 50% in 1970-71, again came down to 45% by 1990-91 and has remained constant since then. There has been an overall increase in the use of energy with the rapid rate of economic growth.

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