11th Class Chemistry Thermodynamics

  • question_answer 86)   In some of the following questions, one option of left column may be correlated to more than one option in the right column. Match the following:  
      A   B
    (i)   Adiabatic ¬†process (a) Heat
    (ii) Isolated system (b)   At constant volume
    (iii)   Isothermal change (c)   First law of thermodynamics
    (iv) Path function (d)   No exchange of energy and matter
    (v) State function (e)   No transfer of heat
    (vi) \[\Delta U=q\] (f)   Constant temperature
    (vii)     Law of conservation of energy (g) Internal energy
    (viii)   Reversible process (h) \[{{p}_{ext}}=0\]
    (ix) Free expansion (i)   At constant pressure
    (x) \[\Delta H=q\] (j)         Infinitely slow process which proceeds through a series of equilibrium states
    (xi)   Intensive property (k) Entropy
    (xii)   Extensive property (I) Pressure
        (m) Specific heat



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