11th Class Chemistry Thermodynamics

  • question_answer 44)   The entropy change can be calculated by using the expression \[\Delta S=\frac{{{q}_{rev.}}}{T}\]. When water freezes in a glass beaker, choose the correct statement amongst the following: (a) \[\Delta S\] (system) decreases but \[\Delta S\] (surroundings) remains the same (b)\[\Delta S\] (system) increases but \[\Delta S\] (surroundings) decreases (c)\[\Delta S\] (system) decreases but \[\Delta S\] (surroundings) increases (d) \[\Delta S\] (system) decreases but \[\Delta S\] (surroundings)   also decreases


      (c) When water freezes, the heat is transferred from system to the surroundings, thus entropy of system decreases but entropy of surroundings increases.

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