11th Class Chemistry Thermodynamics

  • question_answer 43)   The pressure-volume work for an ideal gas can be calculated by using the expression \[w=-\int\limits_{{{V}_{i}}}^{{{V}_{f}}}{{{p}_{ex}}dV.}\]. The work can also be calculated from the pV-plot by using the area under the curve within the specified limits. When an ideal gas is compressed (a) reversibly or (b) irreversibly from volume \[{{V}_{i}}\] to \[{{V}_{f}}\], choose the correct option: (a) w (reversible) = w (irreversible)                         (b) w (reversible) < w (irreversible) (c) w (reversible) > w (irreversible)                          (d) w (reversible) = w (irreversible) +\[{{p}_{ex}}\cdot \Delta V\]


      (b) \[w\] (reversible) < \[w\] (irreversible)   Area under the curve is greater in irreversible compression than that of reversible compression.

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