11th Class Chemistry Thermodynamics

  • question_answer 22) Calculate the number of kJ of heat necessary to raise the temperature of 60 g of aluminium from\[35{}^\circ C\]to\[55{}^\circ C\]. Molar heat capacity of Al is\[24Jmo{{l}^{-1}}{{K}^{-1}}\].


    Information shadow: Heat capacity 'C of \[Al=24Jmo{{l}^{-1}}{{K}^{-1}}\] Temperature rise, \[\Delta T=20\] Mass of aluminium = 60 g Number of moles of \[Al=\frac{60}{27}=2.22\] Problem solving strategy: Heat absorbed to raise the temperature of n mole \[\text{ }\!\!'\!\!\text{ Al }\!\!'\!\!\text{ }\] by \[\Delta T\]may be calculated as, \[q=nC\Delta T\] Working it out: \[q=2.22\times 24\times 20=1065.6J\] = 1.065 kJ  

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