11th Class Chemistry The p-Block Elements-I

  • question_answer 1) Standard electrode potential values, \[{{E}^{{}^\circ }}\]for \[A{{l}^{3+}}/Al\]is -1.66 V and that of\[T{{l}^{3+}}/Tl\] is +1.26 V. Predict about the formation of \[{{M}^{3+}}\] ion in solution and compare the electropositive character of the two metals.


    Standard electrode potential values for two half cell reactions suggest that aluminium has high tendency to make\[A{{l}^{3+}}\] ions whereas \[T{{l}^{3+}}\] is unstable as it shows strong oxidising nature. Aluminium being able to form +3 ions easily, it is more electropositive than\[Tl\].

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