11th Class Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

  • question_answer 89)   A box contains some identical red coloured balls, labelled as A, each weighing 2 grams. Another box contains identical blue coloured balls, labelled as B, each weighing 5 grams. Consider the combinations AB, \[A{{B}_{2}}\],  \[{{A}_{2}}B\]and \[{{A}_{2}}{{B}_{3}}\] and show that law of multiple proportions is applicable.


        The combinations are :

    AB \[A{{B}_{2}}\] \[{{A}_{2}}B\] \[{{A}_{2}}{{B}_{2}}\]
    A           B A             B A              B  A            B
    2g         5g 2g       10g 4g         5g 5g       15g
    1g     2.5g 1g       5g 1g  1.25g 1g     3.75g
      Ratio of masses of B which combine with fixed mass of A are: 2.5 : 5 : 1.25 : 3.75 or 2 : 4 : 1 : 3 Simple whole number ratio shows that law of multiple proportion is applicable.

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