11th Class Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

  • question_answer 81)   Match the following physical quantities with units :
    Physical quantity Unit
    (i) Molarity (a) \[g\,m{{L}^{-1}}\]
    (ii) Mole fraction (b) mol
    (iii) Mole (c) pascal
    (iv) Molality (d) Unitless
    (v) Pressure (e) mol \[{{L}^{-1}}\]
    (vi) Luminous intensity (f) candela
    (vii) Density (g) mol \[k{{g}^{-1}}\]
    (viii)Mass (h) \[N\,\,{{m}^{-1}}\]
      (i) kg


      (i)  ? (e) Unit of molarity = mol \[{{L}^{-1}}\] (ii) ? (d) Mole fraction is unitless quantity (iii) ? (b) Unit of mole = mol (iv) ? (g) Unit of molality = mol \[k{{g}^{-1}}\] (v) ? (c) Unit of pressure = pascal (vi) ? (f) Unit of luminous intensity = candela (vii) ? (a) Unit of density = g \[m{{L}^{-1}}\] (viii) ? (i) Unit of mass = kg

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