11th Class Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

  • question_answer 4) How many moles of methane are required to produce \[22g\,\,C{{O}_{2}}\] after combustion?


    \[\underset{\underset{{}}{\mathop{1mol}}\,}{\mathop{C{{H}_{4}}+2{{O}_{2}}(g)}}\,\to C{{O}_{2}}(g)+\underset{\underset{{}}{\mathop{1mol}}\,}{\mathop{2{{H}_{2}}O(g)}}\,\] Number of moles of \[C{{O}_{2}}=\frac{\text{mass}\,\text{in}\,\text{garm}}{\text{Gram}\,\text{molecular}\,\text{mass}}\] \[=\frac{22}{44}=0.5\] Gram molecular mass Number of moles of methane = Number of moles of \[C{{O}_{2}}\] formed \[=\text{ }0.5\text{ }mol\]

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