11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions

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      Nitric acid is an oxidising agent and reacts with \[\text{PbO}\]but it does not react with\[~\text{Pb}{{\text{O}}_{\text{2}}}\]. Explain why?


      In \[Pb{{O}_{2}}\], lead is in its max. oxidation state (+4) hence it will not react with oxidising agent \[HN{{O}_{3}}\]. However, \[PbO\]being basic oxide will form salt with\[HN{{O}_{3}}\]. \[\underset{Base}{\mathop{PbO}}\,+\underset{Acid}{\mathop{2HN{{O}_{3}}}}\,\to \underset{Salt}{\mathop{Pb{{(N{{O}_{3}})}_{2}}}}\,+{{H}_{2}}O\]

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