11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions

  • question_answer 57)     The reaction: \[C{{l}_{2}}(g)+2O{{H}^{-}}(aq)\to Cl{{O}^{-}}(aq)+C{{l}^{-}}(aq)+{{H}_{2}}O(l)\] represents the process of bleaching. Identify and name the species that bleaches the substances due to its oxidizing action.


      In the reaction : \[C{{l}_{2}}(g)+2O{{H}^{-}}(aq)\to Cl{{O}^{-}}(aq)+C{{l}^{-}}(aq)+{{H}_{2}}O(l)\]The hypochloride ion \[(Cl{{O}^{-}})\] acts as bleaching agent.

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