11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions

  • question_answer 26) Why does the following reaction occur? \[XeO_{6}^{4-}+2{{F}^{-}}(aq)+6{{H}^{+}}(aq)\to Xe{{O}_{3}}(g)+{{F}_{2}}(g)+3{{H}_{2}}O(l)\] What conclusion about the compound \[N{{a}_{4}}Xe{{O}_{6}}\] (of which \[XeO_{6}^{4-}\] is a part) can be drawn from the reaction?  


    \[{{F}^{-}}\]ion is a very strong reducing agent and it reduces\[XeO_{6}^{4-}\] to \[Xe{{O}_{3}}\] (Xenon is reduced from +8 to +6 state). \[N{{a}_{4}}Xe{{O}_{6}}\]acts as an oxidising agent in this reaction.

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