11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions

  • question_answer 14) Fluorine reacts with ice and results in the change: \[{{H}_{2}}O(s)+{{F}_{2}}(g)\to HF(g)+HOF(g)\] Justify that this reaction is a redox reaction.  


    It is a redox reaction in which fluorine is oxidised as well as reduced. \[\overset{0}{\mathop{{{F}_{2}}}}\,\to \overset{+1-1}{\mathop{HF}}\,\] (Reduction) \[{{F}_{2}}+2{{e}^{-}}\to 2{{F}^{-}}\] (Gain of electron) \[\overset{+2-2}{\mathop{{{H}_{2}}O}}\,\to \overset{+10-1}{\mathop{HOF}}\,\] (Oxidation) \[{{O}^{2-}}\to [O]+2{{e}^{-}}\] (Loss of electron)  

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