11th Class Chemistry Hydrocarbons

  • question_answer 81)   Match the following reactants in Column I with the corresponding reaction products in Column II.  
    Column I Column II
    (i) Benzene \[+C{{l}_{2}}\xrightarrow{AlC{{l}_{3}}}\] (a) Benzoic acid
    (ii) Benzene \[+C{{H}_{3}}Cl\xrightarrow{AlC{{l}_{3}}}\] (b) Methyl phenyl ketone
    (iii) Benzene\[+C{{H}_{3}}COCl\xrightarrow{AlC{{l}_{3}}}\] (c) Toluene
    (iv) Toluene \[+\xrightarrow{KMn{{O}_{4}}/NaOH}\] (d) Chlorobenzene
      (e) Benzene hexachloride


      (i - d), (ii - c ), (iii - b)), (iv?a)

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