11th Class Chemistry Hydrocarbons

  • question_answer 41)   Arrange the halogens \[{{F}_{2}},C{{l}_{2}},B{{r}_{2}},{{I}_{2}}\]in order of their increasing reactivity with alkanes : (a) \[{{I}_{2}}<B{{r}_{2}}<C{{l}_{2}}<{{F}_{2}}\]  (b) \[B{{r}_{2}}<C{{l}_{2}}<{{F}_{2}}<{{I}_{2}}\]  (c) \[{{F}_{2}}<C{{l}_{2}}<B{{r}_{2}}<{{I}_{2}}\]         (d) \[B{{r}_{2}}<{{I}_{2}}<C{{l}_{2}}<{{F}_{2}}\]


      (a) Reactivity   decreases   down   the   group   as   the electro negativity or electrode potential of halogen decreases down the group.

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