11th Class Chemistry Environmental Chemistry

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      Ozone is a toxic gas and a strong oxidising agent even then its presence in the stratosphere is very important. Explain what would happen if ozone from region is completely removed?


      The ozone layer in the stratosphere is a natural feature of the earth's environment. The ozone layer exists between 20 and35 km above the earth's surface. This layer protects the earth from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. A depletion of ozone layer is considered as a serious threat to all forms of life on the earth. A 5% decrease in ozone concentration could increase the incidence of skin cancer by 20%. Ultraviolet radiation is also a factor in disease of the eye, including cataract formation. It can cause genetic mutations and destroy crops and other forms of vegetation. Aquatic animals and aquatic plants are greatly affected by UV-radiation.

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