11th Class Chemistry Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

  • question_answer 48) Considering the elements, \[B,Al,Mg\]and K the correct order of their metallic character is: (a) B > Al > Mg > K (b) Al > Mg > B > K (c) Mg > Al > K > B (d) K > Mg > Al > B  


    (d) Metallic nature decreases in a period from left to right. Thus, \[\underset{\xrightarrow[\text{in }\,\text{decreasing}\,\,\text{order}]{\text{Metallic}\,\text{nature}}}{\mathop{\text{K Mg Al}}}\,\] In a group, metallic nature increases from top to bottom. Thus, \[Al\text{ }>\text{ }B\]

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