11th Class Chemistry Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • question_answer 62)   Which of the following order of energies of molecular orbitals of \[{{N}_{2}}\] is correct? (a)\[(\pi 2{{p}_{y}})<(\sigma 2{{p}_{z}})<({{\pi }^{*}}2{{p}_{x}})\approx ({{\pi }^{*}}2{{p}_{y}})\]                 (b)\[(\pi 2{{p}_{y}})>(\sigma 2{{p}_{z}})>({{\pi }^{*}}2{{p}_{x}})\approx ({{\pi }^{*}}2{{p}_{y}})\] (c)\[(\pi 2{{p}_{y}})<(\sigma 2{{p}_{z}})>({{\pi }^{*}}2{{p}_{x}})\approx ({{\pi }^{*}}2{{p}_{y}})\]                 (d)\[(\pi 2{{p}_{y}})>(\sigma 2{{p}_{z}})<({{\pi }^{*}}2{{p}_{x}})\approx ({{\pi }^{*}}2{{p}_{y}})\]


      (a) Not Available Solution                

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