11th Class Business Studies Formation Of A Company

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    List the documents required for the incorporation of a company.


    The documents required for the incorporation of a company are (i) The Memorandum of Association duly stamped, signed and witnessed. (ii) The Articles of Association duly stamped and witnessed as in case of the Memorandum. If company adopts Table A, statement in lieu of the prospectus is submitted, instead of Articles of Association. (iii) Written consent of the proposed directors to act as directors and an undertaking to purchase qualification shares. (iv) The agreement, if any, with the proposed Managing Director, Manager or whole-time director. (v) A copy of the Registrar's letter approving the name of the company. (vi) A statutory declaration affirming that all legal requirements for registration have been complied with. (vii) A notice about the exact address of the registered office (can be submitted within 30 days of incorporation). (viii) Documentary evidence of payment of registration fees.

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