10th Class Social Science Safe Construction Practices

  • question_answer 4) What are the general protection measures for buildings against flood damage?  


    The most effective measures for prevention against flood are,   (i) Avoid constructing buildings on river banks and slopes on river sides and the sides of gorges.   (ii) Build at least 250 meters away from the seacoast/river banks.   (iii) Build proper drainage system in all flood prone areas, so that the water can be drained off quickly to prevent accumulation.   (iv) Construct the building with a plinth level higher than the known high flood level.   (v) Construct the whole village or settlement on a raised platform higher than the high flood level.   (vi) Construct buildings on stilts or columns with wall-free space at ground level permitting free flow of water (inundation or flowing), provided that the columns are circular and strong. In dry weather condition the ground area could be fenced and used for cattle, sheep, poultry farming, or storage etc.  

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