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Working with Notepad

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*     Working with Notepad


Notepad is a well known text editor. It has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. While saving notepad file it saves with .txt extension. It supports both left to right and right to left based languages. All versions of notepad contain basic functions, such as find, edit and fonts.  


* To open a notepad:

  • Select Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad  Or
  • You can also type notepad in run command and press Enter key.
  • Notepad also allows you to minimize, maximize and resize notepad window.  


* To minimize a notepad window: 

Find the minimize button on the Notepad window.

Click the button with the mouse pointer. Windows graphically and quickly shrinks the outer edges of the window down into the taskbar button labeled Document - Notepad.  


* Windows allows maximizing a Windows. To maximize a notepad window: 

  • Click   the Document Notepad maximize button.
  • The window enlarges to occupy the entire screen.
  • Since there is no need to keep a maximize button on a window that is already maximized, Windows changes the maximize button to a restore button as soon as we maximize any window.
  • The restore button always revert the window back to the size it measures before maximization.  




Click the Document - Notepad restore button. The window resizes down to its original size. The restore button switches back to a maximize button once again.      


* You can also maximize a notepad window by clicking the window title bar

  • Click the title bar of Notepad document.
  • The window is maximized as in the case of the maximize button. Restore the Notepad document window to its original size again by clicking the title bar.  


*  You can also resize a notepad window manually. To do this:

Using mouse point to the right edge of the Notepad document. The cursor changes to a horizontal bi-directional arrow. The horizontal arrow indicates that we could manually resize the window by dragging the right edge inward or outward.

If you point to the lower-right corner of the Notepad document then the cursor changes to diagonal, bi-directional arrow. Drag the corner down and then release the button when the window obtains the desired size. Sometimes you need to rearrange the notepad windows on the sc. en so that they give a more logical appearance while one works. While moving the window off the edge of the screen. Windows truncates a portion of the window. When we move the window back into full view, the window reappears in its entirety.  


* To move the Notepad window to a new location: 

  • Move the Notepad document to a new location by dragging the title bar and moving the mouse. The outline of the window moves with the mouse.
  • Release the mouse button to end the dragging session and anchor the window in its new location.  





 Which of the following statements is true?

Statement A: Control Panel allows installing new software.

Statement B: My Computer allows viewing all files and folders.

(A) Statement A is correct

(B) Statement B is correct

(C) Statement A and B are correct

(D) Neither statement A nor statement B is correct  


Answer: (c)


Correct Option:

(C) Both statements are true.

Incorrect Option:

Rests of the options are invalid.    



 Which of the following statements are true about Notepad?

(A) It supports both left to right and right to left based languages

(B) It has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows

(C) Notepad is a well known text editor

(D) All of these                                                 

(E) None of these  


Answer: (d)


Correct Option:

(D) All of the statements are related to notepad and correct.

Incorrect Option:

Rests of the options are invalid.    



 Which one of the following is the file extension of notepad file?

(A) .doc                                                               

(B) .txt

(C) .pdf        

(D) .jpg

(E) None of these  


Answer (B)


Correct Option:

(B) .txt is the extension of notepad file.

Incorrect Option:

(A) .doc is the extension of word document.

(C) .pdf is the extension of pdf file.

(D) .jpeg is the extension of picture file.  



You Know.jpg 

  • The word XP came from experience.
  • Windows XP Home Edition is the most common editions of XP.  




  • Control Panel: Contains various components, such as Add Hardware and Add or Remove Program allows you to view and manipulate system settings and enables you to add hardware, add and remove software and create and delete user accounts.  



  • Windows XP Professional has more corporate and networking features and Media Center contains various advance multimedia features.
  • Control Panel contains various components, such as Add Hardware.
  • Windows XP allows changing individual desktop icons easily.
  • While saving notepad file it saves with .txt extension.
  • Windows XP operating system was released in three versions namely XP Home, XP Professional, and Media Center.
  • Using shortcut you can save more time to opening a file.
  • Notepad is included in all versions of Microsoft Windows.  



* Abbreviations

OS - Operating System


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