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Acid Rain

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*     Acid Rain


Harmful gases released by the burning of coal, by automobiles, factories, oil refinery mix with water vapour present in the air to form harmful substance called acid. The acid comes down with rain making the rain acidic. This is called acid rain. This acid rain can cause damage to soil, plants, organism that lives in the rivers, streams, lakes etc. Acid rain even causes damage to the buildings and results in harmful diseases in humans. The damaging effect of acid rain can best be seen in our great heritage building, Taj Mahal. The white marbles of Taj Mahal are getting discolored by the effect of acid rain. The monument does not look as white as it use to look some 30-40 years back. Government of India is taking several steps to save the Taj.

              Formation of acid rain  





     Acid rain a very dangerous phenomenon is mainly due to which type of pollution?

(a) Water

(b) Soil

(c) Air

(d) Food

(e) All of the above


Answer: (c)



      Acid rain is caused due to which of the following activities:

(a) Volcanoes

(b) Smoke from factories

(c) Fossil burning

(d) All of these

(e) None of the above


Answer: (d)

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