4th Class Computers Software Classification Introduction


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*     Introduction


When you listen to the songs on a CD, you can see and touch the CD but not the songs. In this case, the CD is the hardware and the songs make up the software. Computer software is made up of computer related programs and applications. Various types of computer software are used to simplify the operations and applications of computer programs. Computer software enables the computer system to perform in accordance with the given tasks.  


*     Varieties of Computer Software


Computer software comes with many different forms. Broadly the entire computer software system can be categorized as system software and application software. System software is the most useful form of computer software. It is used to drive the whole network of hardware and software present in all computer systems. Application software is used for commercial purposes. The application software is widely used in educational, business and medical fields. Industrial automation, databases, business software and medical software prove to be of great help in the respective fields. Educational software is widely used in educational institutes across the globe. We will study about the classification of software in detail in this chapter. (See Figure 4.4.1)




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