3rd Class Mathematics Division Division and Method for Performing Division

Division and Method for Performing Division

Category : 3rd Class

*       Properties of Division


  • The division should be continued till the remainder becomes either W or less than the divisor.
  • A number which is divided by 1 gives the number itself.
  • A number which is divided by it self gives 1 as the quotient.
  • Zero divided by any number gives 0 as the quotient.
  • Division is the inverse process of multiplication.


*           Division by Distribution

There are 12 pieces of apples and which are distributed among 4 boys. If each boy gets one piece, then 12 - 4 = 8 pieces of apples will left over and again one piece of apple is distributed among the boys, now each boy gets 2 pieces of apples and 8 – 4 = 4 pieces of apples are left. Now the number of remaining pieces of apples is 4. These apples are again distributed among 4 boys and each gets one apple.

From the above distribution of apples we can say that everyone gets 3 apples.

Hence, .                



The following cakes are distributed equally among 3 boys. Find the number of cakes which is obtained by every one?  

(a) 3

 (b) 4

 (c) 5

 (d) 6

 (e) None of these


Answer (c)

 Explanation 15 cakes are distributed among 3 boys. Hence, everyone getscakes.

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