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Types of Verb

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*     Types of Verb


Verbs are of two types, that is, main verb and helping verb.

Main verb: The type of verb that has the meaning in the word itself. Without main verbs in a sentence, we would not understand the meaning of the sentence.  

For example: Cow gives milk. Here 'gives' is the main verb. The main verbs has various forms , which we will discuss later.

Helping Verb: The verb that helps the main to change its form is known as helping verb.

For example: She is singing a song. Here, main verb is 'sing'. But to make us understand the meaning of the sentence the verb sing has been changed in to' singing' with the help of 'is'. Therefore, 'is' is a helping verb.  

List of helping verbs

Is, am , are, was, were, do, does, did, has, have/had, shall, will, etc.  


*     See some more examples:

  •  John is writing a letter.
  •  They are watching movie.
  •  She helps the poor.
  •  He plays cricket.  

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