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*     Predicate


Predicate is that part of a sentence which tells us something about the subject of the sentence.  




  •  The boat sails in the river.
  •  The birds are flying in the sky.
  •  Reema is singing a song.  


*     Analysis

in the above given sentences 'sails in the river', 'flying in the sky', 'singing a song' are telling us something about the subject, 'the boat', 'the birds', and 'Reema'. So they are all predicates.

Box given below will give you more clear idea about the subject and predicate of the sentences given along.


Subject Predicate
Robert is talking to Smith
The horse grazes in the field
The aeroplane flies in the sky
The cow eats grass
James likes story books
The glass is made of stell
The tall boy is jumping on the road








*     Also study the following sentences which are divided into Subject and Predicates:


Subject                                 Predicate

We                                         love our country.

Some boys                          were not present in the class.

The teacher                        was angry with the students.

The sharp                            knife cuts his finger.

Ashok and Mohan              fled away from the field.

Hillary                                    began to laugh.

The sky                                 is full of clouds.

The telephone                    needs repairing now.

Health                                   is wealth.

The hen                               has laid many eggs.

The lamp                             is burning.

The hunter                           killed the tiger in the forest.  

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