3rd Class English Perpositions Introduction


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*      Introduction


The preposition is a word which is placed before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation with other noun or pronoun in a sentence.





  • The mangoes are in the basket.
  • James writes with a pen.
  • The dog is at the door.
  • The book has been written by me.
  • The shirt is for Jones.
  • The pen is on the table.
  • The chair is made of wood.
  • The boy is going to market.


*   Analysis­­­

In the above given sentences the words in, with, at, by, for, on, of, and to have been placed before a noun or a pronoun and are showing their relation to other words (nouns) in the sentences. These words are prepositions.


*   List of some commonly used prepositions

Above                   From                     After                     In

Against                 Into                        Along                    Near

Among                 of                            At                           On

Before                  Out                        Beside                  over

Between             Since                     By                           To

Down                    under                    For                         With



*   Read and understand the following examples:

1. Time             (A) I got up at 9 o' clock.

(B) She has been dancing for two hours.

(C) She has been swimming since two p.m.

2. Manner        (A) He earns money by boxing.

(B) She played with care.

(C) He walks with his legs.

3. Place             (A) Accident took place near church.

(B) A truck ran over sky.

(C) Stars shine in the sky.

4. Direction      (A) The rat ran towards the hole.

(B) She went around the temple.

(C) A saint came from the east.

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