3rd Class English Conjunctions Introduction


Category : 3rd Class

*     Introduction


A conjunction is a word that is used to join two sentences. A conjunction is also called a joining word.  




  •  Steve and Smith are friends.
  •  This book and that book are same.
  •  The elephant is big but the mouse is small.
  •  James cannot sit because the chair is dirty.  


*     Analysis


  •  In the first sentence the word and is joining two words Steve and Smith.
  •  In the second sentence the word and is joining two words this book and that book.
  •  The third sentence the word but is joining two sentences the elephant is big and the mouse is small.
  •  In the fourth sentence the word because is joining two sentences James cannot sit and the chair is dirty.
  •  In this way the word and, but and because are joining two words or two sentences. These words are called Conjunctions.  

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