3rd Class English Articles Indefinite Article 'A and An'

Indefinite Article 'A and An'

Category : 3rd Class

*     Indefinite Article 'A and An'


A and An are indefinite articles because they do not refer to any particular person, animal, thing or place.  


*      Use of A

Rule 1: A is used before a singular countable noun beginning with consonant or sounds like consonant.  




  •  This is a pen.
  •  John is a teacher.  


*       Analysis

In the above given sentences 1 and 2 a has been used before pen and teacher (nouns) which begin with a consonant sound.  


*     See some more examples

  •  She has bought a computer.
  •  Mr. Jackson is a doctor.
  •  He showed me a watch.
  •  The boy was eating a cake.  


Rule 2 :

A is used before singular noun beginning with a vowel letter but sounds like a constant.  




  •  Mr. James is a European.
  •  Jackson reads in a university.
  •  This is a useful book.
  •  It was a one sided game.  


*        Analysis

In these examples, a is used before European, university, useful and one. All of these nouns are beginning with vowels but they are sounding like consonant.    


*        Use of 'An' Rulel:

An is used before a singular noun beginning with a vowel or sounds like vowel.  





  •   Smith is an engineer
  •   I have an umbrella.  


*     Analysis

In these examples, anis used before engineer and umbrella. Both of these words have begun with vowel.  


Rule 2 : An is used before a singular noun beginning with consonant but sounds like vowel.  





  •  He is an honest man.
  •  He has got an honorable post in the company.
  •  She is an M.L.A.
  •  He is an M.P.  


*     Analysis

In these examples an has been used before honest, honourable, M.L.A and M.P. "hough these words begin with consonants but they sound like vowel. Therefore before them an has been used.  

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