3rd Class Computers Introduction to Hardware and Software Introduction


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Can you tell me the difference between our body and our feelings? Our body is hard and we can touch it, move it but what about our feelings? We cannot touch our feelings. Computers are also made in the same way. It consists of two parts, one is hardware and another is software. One without the other is of no use. To run a computer both hardware and software are necessary. Hardware is the thing that you can see and touch and things which cannot be touched are called software. Hardware includes every computer-related object that you can physically touch and handle like disks, screens, keyboards, printers, chips, wires, central processing unit, floppies, USB ports, pen drives, etc. Software includes every computer-related program that you cannot feel with the physical senses for example. Games, Paint, Operating system, an Anti-virus program, etc. When we play a game on the monitor's screen, the monitor is hardware and we can touch it but we cannot touch the game even though we know it is there. Thus we see that the game is software. We will study the difference between hardware and software in greater detail.


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