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Materials Around us

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This lesson will help you to:

  • know about the different types of materials around us.
  • study about matter i.e., solid, liquid and gas.
  • learn about the properties of matter.



Everything in this world is made up of some materials. All these materials occupy space and has some weight.

The food you eat, the air you breathe in, the water you drink, your books and notebooks, all these are made up of material occupies and these are known as matter.



Anything which occupies space and has mass is known as matter. For example: Glass, bottle, bag, air, book, chair, tables etc.



Matter is found in three states: Solid, liquid and gas


1. Solid: Solids have fixed shape and size. For example: Wood, cloth, plastic, paper etc.

2. Liquid: Liquids do not have fixed shape, they take up the shape of container For example: water, milk, juices, and oil.

3. Gas: Gases spread out. Gases also have no fixed shape. Gases cannot be seen For example: oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour.



We see different types of objects around us. Each and every object is made up of different materials.

For example: A cricket bat is made up of wood. A bicycle is made up of metal, furniture of my room are made up of wood, and candle is made up of wax. Shoes are made up of leather.

Let us discuss more about these materials.

(a) Paper: We obtained paper from trees.

Paper is used to make many things such as: Notebooks, books, newspaper, magazines etc. We should not waste papers.

(b) Wood: Wood is obtained from trees. Wood is used to prepare furniture at our home. Wood is very hard and cannot break easily.                        

(c) Metal: Metal is very hard and cannot break easily. Metal is used to prepare many things such as trucks, buses, bicycles, artificial jewellery etc.   (d) Glass: Glass can break easily. Glass are used to make sunglasses, wall-clocks, mirror etc.  


(e) Plastic: Plastic are unbreakable, they cannot break easily. Plastic are used to make lunch box, water bottles, toys, bucket etc.                   


Some of these materials can be recycled and used again and again. These materials are known as recyclable material. For example: Wood, plastic, paper, glass etc.

Some materials cannot be recycled again and again and can be used only once. For example: Coal and petrol.

Misconcept: Every matter can be touched and seen

Concept: All three states of matter cannot be touched. We can touch only solid and liquid. Gases cannot be touched.



Transparent object: These objects can pass through their body. For example: Glass.

Translucent object: These objects allow only some amount of light through them. For example: Plastic bag, coloured bottle, butter paper etc.

Opaque object: Opaque object cannot pass light through them. For example: Wood.

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