2nd Class Science Fibers and Fabric Fibers, and Fabric

Fibers, and Fabric

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This lesson -will help you to:

  • know about the fibres.
  • learn about different types of fibres.
  • study the fibres used for making clothes.
  • learn how to take care of the fibres.



Long time ago, people use to wear clothes made from leaves and animal skin. But now a days we wear clothes made up of a cotton, silk, wool, nylon. These materials are known as fabrics which are made up of fibres.


Amazing Facts

Silk is abtained from an insect, silkworm. Silkworm lays eggs on a specially prepared cloth.



Let us study the fibres and their types.

Clothes are usually made from threads. To make threads we use very thin thread like materials called fibres. Fibres are mainly of two types:

1. Natural fibres: Fibres that we get from plants and animals are called Natural fibres. For example: Cotton, jute, wool and silk are natural fibres.

2. Synthetic fibres: These fibres are not obtained from plants. They are prepared artificially. For example: Nylon, polyesters and rayon. These fabrics are stretchable, waterproof and wrinkle free.


Do you know?

A cloth can be dyed with various colours. Certain patterns and designs are made on them to make them look beautiful.




Cotton is the most widely used fibre Cotton is obtained from cotton plant. Cotton is used to make shirts, trousers frocks, skirt, Saree etc.

  • JUTE

Jute is obtained from jute plant. It is used for making mats, rope, gunny bags etc.


Real life examples:

We obtain cotton from cotton plant and wool from sheep.

Rain coat gumboots, and umbrella are made up of waterproof material.

  • WOOL

Wool is a fibre obtained from the hair and fur of different animals like sheep, camel and goat. Wool is used in making sweaters, shawls, caps.


  • SILK

Silk is the oldest fabric known to man. Silk is obtained from silkmoth. Silk is used to prepare sarees, shirts, tie etc.   




Synthetic fibres are obtained from the raw materials such as chemicals.



Nylon is a synthetic fibre. It is used to make clothes like saree. It is also used to make carpets and ropes.



Rayon is a synthetic fibre obtained from wood pulp. It is used to produce carpets, threads and surgical dressing              



A good soap or detergent should be used to wash clothes. Washed clothes should be rinsed properly to remove the soap. After the clothes are washed they should be dried in the sun. Also clothes should be ironed after drying. Ironed clothes not only look good but also helps to kill germs. Woollen, silk and other delicate clothes should be dry cleaned or hand washed. We should use mothballs or dried leaves to store woolen and silk clothes. Insects like moths and silver fish make holes in clothes.

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