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                This chapter will help you to:

  • study the habitat of animals.
  • know about the different eating habits of animals.
  • understand the importance and uses of animals.
  • learn about insects and birds.



We all know that, plants and animals both are living things. The only difference between plants and animals is that plants can prepare their own food, but animals depend on human and plants for their food and shelter.

                Some animals live only on land, some on trees, some in water and some can live on both land and water.

Let us study these animals and their habitat in detail.



The animals which depend on human for their food and shelter are called domestic animal. Cow is a domestic animal. It gives us milk. Horse is also a domestic animal and is used for travelling from one place to another.

Domestic animals gives us many useful things. For example.

For example

We get milk from cows, buffaloes.

We get eggs from hens, ducks. Some people eat flesh of animals like fish, goat, sheep, chicken, etc.      

Real Life Examples

Horses, Donkeys and Oxese are used for transportation


  • We get silk from silkworms
  • The skin of animals like snakes and crocodiles is used to make
  • Animals like ox, horses, donkeys, elephants and camels to carry heavy loads of burden.



Animals which live independently in the forest are called wild animals. Wild animals are dangerous.

For example: Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Fox, Deer, Giraffe, Leopard, Cheetah etc.


Historical Preview

  • Cow has been considered as a symbol of worship, since ancient times.



Animals such as fish and dolphin lives in water and are called aquatic animals.

Frog, crocodiles and turtles can live on land and as well as in water.



                Different animals have different food habits.

                For example: Cow, buffalo and goat eat grass.

                Lion and tiger eat the flesh of other animals.

Let us study different eating habits of animals.

1. Herbivorous Animals:

Those animals which eat grass and other plants are called herbivorous animals. For example: Cow, buffalo, goat, deer, giraffe, donkey, elephant etc.


2. Carnivorous Animals:

Those animals that eat only the flesh of other animals are known as carnivorous animals.

For example: Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Hawk, Whale etc.



3. Omnivorous Animals:   +

Some animals like crows, bear, jackal, gorilla etc eat both plants as well as the flesh of other animals. These type of animals are known as Omnivorous animals.



Insects are small animals. They have six legs.

Some insects have wings. Wings help them to   fly.

Examples of insects are Butterfly, housefly, mosquito.




Most birds can fly such as hen, crow, parrot.

Some of the birds cannot fly such as ostrich, penguin and emu.

These are known as flightless birds. They can   walk and run. Birds have two wings which help them to fly. Birds have legs that help them to walk. Some birds like ducks and swan can swim.



Amazing Facts

  • Ostrich can run faster than horse and the male Ostrich can roar like lion.
  • The stomach of cow is divided into 4 parts.

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