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Any language needs words to express it. And words that are used should be correct enough to be understood by the other person. If you use wrong words for your expression then other person might think the other way. For example if you say I was very sad to see you. Whereas what you wanted to say was that you were very glad to see that person. . But the wrong usage of one word may put you into troubled!

Here we will deal with Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, rhyming words collocations and idioms to enrich our understanding of English. Synonyms are words that have similar meanings. For example Happy can be used in place of glad.


Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For example happy is the opposite of sad. They denote different feelings altogether.  


Homonyms are words that sound similarly but have different spellings for example bear bare both sound similarly but have different meanings. Bear is an animal whereas bare means to be without clothes.


Rhyming words are words that rhyme together, for example tough, cough, say, may. It, sit, hit, fit, pit Collocations are words that are put together, in a manner that they sound to be usual to a listener and the user. To be a fluent speaker in English we must know what words go together.  


Any language has its own set of popular and wise sayings. They give us an idea of their culture and traditions. They are known as proverbs if they are long and idioms if they are short. They suggest us the ways of living and conduct in daily life.  



Make flash cards and tell your friends to name a word that rhymes with the word in the card. Remember the word should have a meaning.  


Amazing facts

No word in English language rhymes with month.   Some popular idioms

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