2nd Class English Spoken and written Expression SPOKEN AND WRITTEN EXPRESSION


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Practice makes a man perfect the more you speak the more proficient you will become in this language. Even if you go wrong somewhere, don?t get disheartened, keep trying.  



This lesson will help you to ·

  • Learn to write proper answers ·
  • Understand the sentence and answer accordingly  



It goes without saying that a language is made up of words arranged in a proper manner to make sentences. If the sentences are not framed properly, the listener or the reader will not be able to understand what we are trying to convey. Language is a medium to communicate with people.  English has now become a world language. If we are able to read, write and speak in English then rest assured, we can go anywhere in this world and we will be able to convey what we want to say.

Like in any other language, in English also we need to follow certain rules. If we use wrong words then it will convey a wrong expression. Like if I say that have going to the museum, does it sound meaningful? No, it does not! Clarify whether you are going or have been to the museum.

To gain mastery over any language one need to consistently practice the language. Listen to people who speak English, Try to watch your favorite T.V programmers in English.

Try to read as much literature in English as you can. While reading if you come across words, of which you don?t find meaning, look for them in the dictionary. Some dictionaries tell you how to pronounce a word. Always remember no one can perfect, so you have to keep trying.


Learn the basic rules of grammar.                

When your tap is not working                               


Mrs. Paula: The tap is leaking.                

Mr. Paul: I think we must call a plumber immediately.                


When you meet someone on road                                


Mohan: Hello, Shyam. It has been a long time since we met. How are you?                

Shyam: I am fine, how are you?                


A visit to a doctor                                


Patient: Good morning, doctor!                

Doctor: Good morning, what's wrong with you?                

Patient: I've been suffering from fever since Yesterday.  



You can write sentences and then try to arrange them so that they start making sense. You can involve as many friends as you want to, so that you many lines of thinking.


At a hotel reception

Receptionist: sir, may I help you.

Customer: yes, I want a room.


A telephonic conversation       

Hello, who's calling?

Hello i am Rayan. May i speak to paul?  

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