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When we add 'ly' to a word it becomes an adverb. For example slow becomes slowly.  


Amazing fact

Though most of the adverbs end with a 'ly' but there are some that do not end with 'ly' for example today  



This lesson will help you to

  • understand adverbs ·     
  • use adverbs before verbs and adjectives  



Adverbs are words that tell us something more about a verb or an adjective. Adverbs give us more information about a word and also change it slightly. For example when we say that a boy suddenly started running.

The word suddenly tells us how the boy started running. Adverbs answer the following questions ·     

  • How?     
  • When?      
  • Where?     
  • Why?    
  • How much?

Adverbs of How tell us how the action is done. For example the car ran jerkily on the road. How did the car run? The cat came into the room slowly to catch the mouse. How did the eat come? The words jerkily and slowly tell us how the action is being done.




Adverbs of Frequency tell us how often the action isdone. For example:

He always goes to school. How often he goes toschool? Always answers the question. I seldom eat ice creams. How often you eat ice cream? Seldom answers the question.


ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY                

Always       never              seldom      often                             


He always goes to school. I seldom eat ice cream  


ADVERBS OF QUANTITY                

Quite            very               fully          almost    Absolutely   entirely         rather  

The adverbs of quantity tell us how much? For example: The car accident almost crashed the cars. Here the word almost tells us the quantity of damage.  


ADVERBS OF PLACE                

Here            There         Upstairs      Downstairs      Nowhere  

Adverbs of place tell us where the action is done. For example: a man is standing outside his car. The word outside tells us where the action is being done or is to be done.

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