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Adjectives in comparative degree also use or less before them. Like beautiful becomes more beautiful.  



This lesson will help you to 

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  • use adjectives for nouns and pronouns  



Adjectives are describing words. They help in Knowing more about a noun. Words such as fat, beautiful, good, bad tell us more about any noun or a pronoun.  



We all know that adjectives are describing words. A word that tells us more about a noun or a pronoun is called adjective. For example in the sentence A thin Man, the word thin tells more about that man apart from the fact that he is a man.

Take another example where we see a cat, we say that the cat is cute, the word cute tells us more about that cat or we can say it helps us to know more that particular cat.

Or when we say an angry man we mean that the man is angry.

Possessive Adjectives - words like my, your, its, his and her tell us that something belongs to someone. They are called possessive adjectives. Words like our, your, and their show that something belongs to more than one person or group of people.

Adjectives can also be used to compare two or more people, things or feelings. When we compare two things it is called comparative degree. We add ?er' to the word like *cold' becomes 'colder?

In some cases where the adjective ends in a Y we replace Y with 'ier?. For example. Nasty becomes nastier.

When we use adjectives to compare more than two people or things or feelings, it is called superlative degree. We add 'est? to a word to make it superlative degree.  



  • Make flash cards of adjectives to describe a person. Read out the flashcards and do not mention the names. Let?s the people guess who is being talked about.  


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