2nd Class Computers Paint Brush How to open a Paint Brush?

How to open a Paint Brush?

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*      How to open a Paint Brush?


Drawing and painting are wonderful activity for kids. Drawing with the help of pencil, sketch pen, wax pencil, etc are very tedious and time consuming job. Now computers provide the option of drawing. Paint brush is the accessories that windows provide to its users.


*   To open paint brush per form the following:  

  • Click Start Button.
  •  Select Programs
  •  Select Accessories.
  •  Now, click Paint. After that, you will see the main screen of paint.  






 Complete the Steps to Start paint brush:

1. ick ________________ button.

2. Select_____________ and then_______.

3.   Click __________.

(A) Program, Paint, Accessories and Start.

(B) Accessories, Paint, Start and Program.

(C) Start, Program, Accessories and Paint.

(D) Paint, Accessories, Program and Start.  


Answer: (C)


Correct Option:

(C) StartProgramAccessories Paint.

Incorrect Option:

(A) Steps are incorrect.

(B) Steps are incorrect.

(D) Steps are incorrect.  



 Paint brush is a wonderful and useful application. Select the correct statements about paint brush:

 1. DOS you get Paint application.

2. Paint brush is used for making video.

3. Paint brush is used for drawing.

(A) 1 and 2                                                         

(B) Only 3

(C) 1 and 3                                                          

(D) All of these


Answer: (B)


Correct Option:

(B) Only statement 3 is correct.

Incorrect Option:

(A) Statement 1 and 2 is incorrect.

(C) Statement 1 is incorrect but 3 is correct.

(D) All the statements are not incorrect.

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