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Numeric Keys

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*       Numeric Keys  



The number keys contain the numbers from 0 9. You can write numbers using them. (See Figure 2.5.3)  






 There are certain numbers of numeric key on the keyboard. It starts from ____   and end at ____.

(A) 1 - 12                                             

(B) 3 - 16

(C) 0 - 9                                                                

(D) 12 - 24  


Answer: (C)


Correct Option:

(C) On a Keyboard, numeric keys are from 0-9.

Incorrect Options:

(A) 1 - 12: Function key starts from F1 and end at F12.

(B) 3 - 16: is wrong option.

(D) 12 - 24: is wrong option.    



 Why there is a numeric key pad on the keyboard though there are keys above the alphabet keys in the keyboard?

(A) In numeric keypad Keys are in compact form

(B) It is easy to use as it is at the bottom of keyboard

(C) It can be used if the number keys destroyed

(D) None of these  


Answer: (A)


Correct Option:

(A) Numeric keypad is in compact form that's why number keys are given above the alphabet keys in the keyboard.

Incorrect: Options:

(B) Option (B) is incorrect.

(C) Option (C) is incorrect.  

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