2nd Class Computers Mouse and Keyboard Usage Introduction


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*  Introduction  



Children enjoy playing computer games like 'Prince' where they press the keys of a keyboard to make their game characters move faster, jump over obstacles, etc. Actually Keyboard is a standard input device to enter information into the computer. You must have seen a keyboard in your computer lab. It looks and works like a typewriter. We can write and give instructions on the computer by using the keyboard. A  Keyboard tells the computer what to do.  




*     Keys of the Keyboard If you watch a person playing a musical instrument like a piano or Casio then you will see that person pressing some keys. In the same way, the buttons on the Keyboard of the computer are called keys. Generally, a keyboard has 104 or more keys. A keyboard has different groups of keys such as Alphabet keys. Numeric keys and Function keys. Let us discuss about these different types of keys in detail.            

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