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Alphabet Keys

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*        Alphabet Keys  


The alphabet keys are the keys A, B, C......Z. These keys help us to write words and sentences on the computer. In English there are 26 alphabets from A to Z that's why there are 26 alphabet keys on the keyboard. (See Figure 2.5.2)  






  The major part of the keyboard is covered by alphabet keys and its number is more than other keys. There are ______ alphabet keys on the keyboard.

(A) 12                                                                   

(B) 26

(C) 104                                                                 

(D) 4  


Answer: (b)


Correct Option:  

(B) 26: The keyboard has 26 alphabet keys.

Incorrect Options:

(A) 12: Numbers of function keys are there.

(C) 104: Is the total number of key.  

(D) 4:  Is the number of arrows key.      



 Zacob wants to write his name on the computer. Which key will he press to type his name?

(A) Alphabetical keys                                    

(B) Numeric keys

(C) Function keys                                            

(D) Special keys  


Answer: (A)


Correct Option:

(A) Your name is written with the help of alphabetic keys. Incorrect Options:

(B) Numeric keys : Are used for writing numbers.

(C) Function keys : Are used for specific purpose.

(D) Special keys : Are used for special purpose.  

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