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The process in the airline reservation system includes examining the flight number, the date of the journey, the class requested and determining whether seats are available as per the reservation details. This is called processing. This processing s performed by a component of the computer called the microprocessor.  




 Processing is one of the most important functions of I-P-O cycle. What does processing mean?

(A) Deleting data                                             

(B) Use the data according to the instructions

(C) Copying data                                              

(D) Pasting data  


Answer: (b)


Correct Option:

(B) During processing computer works according to the instructions. Therefore, option (B) is correct.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Option (A) is incorrect.

(C) Option (C) is incorrect.

(D) Option (D) is incorrect.    



 You cannot obtain any output without processing. Which one of the following parts of the computer performs the action of processing?

(A) Monitor                                      


(C) Mouse                                          

(D) Printer  


Answer: (b)


Correct Option:

(B) CPU (Central Processing Unit) processes all the information given to it. Therefore, option (B) is correct.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Monitor: is the display unit.

(C) Mouse: is an input device that selects programs on the computer.

(D) Printer: is an output device.  

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