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Living Things

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Living Things

Living things have life. They have the following features;

  • They can move.
  • They can think.
  • They can eat.
  • They can grow.
  • They can act on their own.

*    Look at the following pictures:


         Animal                                                                             Plants



            Tree                                                                   Man and Women



    Which one of the following is an example of living things?

(A) Boy                                                                 (B) Table

(C) Chair                                                               (D) House

Answer: (a)


Option (A) is correct because a boy can move, think, eat grow and act on his own. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.


  Which one of the following is correct?

(A) Computer is a living thing                      (B) Television is a living thing

(C) Birds are living things                               (D) Basket is a living thing

Answer: (c)



Option (C) is correct because birds can move, eat, grow, fly and act on their own. Rest of the options is incorrect.

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