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Types of Clothes

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  *       Types of Clothes


  *    Cotton Clothes

       The cloths, which are made from cottons, are called cotton clothes.

  • These clothes are very comfortable, as they are very light and soft.
  • They are natural fibers.
  • They arc most comfortable in summer season.
  • They are most suitable for the soft skin of babies.
  • Cotton shirts, trousers, inners, cap, socks, frocks, saree are popular and widely used.


*    Let us see the pictures of cotton clothes:



*    Woolen Clothes

      Woolen clothes are made of wool, which is a textile fiber.

  • Wool is obtained from sheep and other animals.
  • These clothes are used in winter, as they are warm.
  • Coat, sweater, woolen jackets, wool caps, etc are popular and commonly used in winter


*               Let use see the pictures of woolen clothes:



*      Water Proof Clothes

     The clothes, which save us from getting wet during rains, are called water proof clothes.

  • It is made up of polymers and plastics.
  • The waterproof jackets, trousers, caps etc are used during rainy season.
  • It is commonly used in the regions with heavy rainfall throughout the year.


  you know.jpg

  • Sheep’s are the best sources of wool.
  • Silk moth is reared on the mulberry tree to produce silk fiber.



  • There are mainly three types of clothes- cotton, woolen and waterproof.
  • Cotton clothes are widely used in summer.
  • Cotton clothes are light and soft in comparison to other types of clothes.
  • Woolen clothes are warm.
  • Water cannot get through the waterproof clothes.

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