1st Class Science Animals Food of Animals 

Food of Animals 

Category : 1st Class

*    Food of Animals


*   Given below are the animals and their food:

Sr. No. Animals Food
1. Cow, Ox, Buffalo, Bull, Goat Grass, Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals
2. Horse, Camel Grass, Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals
3. Cat Milk, Meat, Fish, Cereals
4. Dog Milk, Meat, Fish, Cereals.
5. Lion, Tiger, Bear, Panther, Meat
6. Wolf, Hyena, Rabbit, Deer Meat, Grass, Fruits, Beet
7. Ass Grass
8. Elephant, Rat, Squirrel, Monkey, Grass, Leaves, Bamboo, Fruits and Cereals




  Which one of the following is a food for cows?

(A) Grass                                                            (B) Flesh

(C) Only fruits                                                    (D) Only cereal


Answer: (a)


Option (A) is correct because cow eats grass and other vegetables. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.



  Which one of the following animals is an example of domestic animal?

(A) Lion                                                                (B) Tiger

(C) Cat                                                                  (D) Leopard


Answer: (c)


Option (C) is correct. Because out of the given option only cat is a domestic animal. Others are wild animals. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.

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