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Adding Cost of Things

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* Adding Cost of Things  



This is grouping of the costs of two or more things converting them into single money value.

If cost of one apple =rupees

and cost of one banana =rupees

then total cost of both the fruits = cost of one apple + cost of one banana =rupees +rupees.






If cost of one pen =paise

cost of two pencils =paise

Cost of one rubber =paise

then cost of one pen + cost of two pencils + cost of one rubber. =paise +paise +paise =paise.








  4 rupees is the cost of a toy and 3.rupees is the cost of a pen. What is the cost of one toy and one pen?

(a) 7 rupees                       

(b) 8 rupees                      

(c) 6 rupees                       

(d) 9 rupees


Answer: (a)  


Cost of one toy + cost of one pen =rupees +rupees =rupees.








 The cost of one copy is 5 rupees and the cost of 2 books is 6 rupees. What is the total cost of one copy and 2 books?

(a) 15 rupees                                    

(b) 9 rupees

(c) 11 rupees                                     

(d) 2 rupees  


Answer: (c)  


Option (c) is correct because cost of one copy + cost of 2 books   = 5 rupees + 6 rupees = 11 rupees.







  • Money is paid while buying things and it is received on selling things.
  • Rupees and paise are the units of money.
  • Coins are metal form of money.
  • Notes are paper form of money.
  • Coins and notes are also known as currencies.  




  • In India 1 paisa coin was used. 1000 note has been introduced few years back.

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