1st Class Computers Main Parts of Computer Central Processing Unit

Central Processing Unit

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We use our brain to think and act. Computer also needs a brain to act.... (See Figure 1.2.8) The brain of the computer is called CPU. The CPU looks like a box. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. The CPU has an ON/OFF switch and some other buttons on it. Some other parts of the computer are the speakers, printer, scanner, UPS and the joystick.



  • Every interfacing device is connected with the central processing unit.
  • Everything on the screen of computer is controlled by the input devices.
  • Computer displays the information on the screen after calculating the input signals whatever we give in the form of instructions.  



  • Pointer: A figure made by the mouse on the screen of computer is called pointer    



  • The main parts of a computer are CPU, keyboard, mouse and monitor.
  • Mouse is connected to computer with or without cable.
  • Cursor moves on the screen according to the dragging of the mouse on mouse pad.  



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